Why Choose Us?

Attention to detail makes all the difference when tracking your unit data. Take a look at some of the features that set us apart from the competition.

Software for leaders of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts

Thank you for your interest in our unit management solutions. Serving Scouters across America for over 30 years, Troopmaster Software was originally founded by Sam & Linda Edwards. Sam served as a leader with three Boy Scout troops, and Linda served as a Cub Scout den leader and a Girl Scout troop leader. Their son, Robert (Eagle Scout - 1986), is now the company's president and senior programmer. With a combined total of over 50 years experience in scouting, we understand how Troops and Packs operate and are better able to understand the needs of other scouters.

Our software programs are by far the most powerful and popular programs on the market today. Originally started in 1985 with only a small home office, we now have nearly 40,000 units around the world, in all 50 states and over 40 foreign countries!

All of our software is site-licensed for use with your entire unit. There are no additional fees for installing software on multiple computers for your leaders and absolutely no per-member fees based on the size of your unit. One price covers everything and allows you (and any of your leaders, parents, and scouts) to use the software and view/maintain your unit records. And we proudly back all new desktop software purchases* with an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee!

We are also here for you after the sale, providing free user support if you (or anyone with your unit) have questions. Customer support is something we take very seriously and our support staff is available Monday-Friday to help answer your questions.

Having been in business for the past 30 years, we have seen many other companies come and go. We are dedicated exclusively to the support of scouters with their data management needs. Over the years, we have seen many customers start with packages from other companies only to be left with no where to turn and an unusable database when the company closes, forcing them to start over again with a new platform. We were the first company to begin offering scouting software back in 1985. We have a proven track record and will be here for you going forward as well.

The simple reason for our success is that we love what we do. We LISTEN to Scouters and try our best to help provide the features and capabilities you need. I've been involved in scouting for most of my life I love that I can help support an organization that made such a positive impact in my life. A portion of our proceeds also goes directly back to scouting to further support all that they do.

Compare our software and service with those from any other company. We're confident you'll choose the Flagship of Scouting software, Troopmaster Software.

Why choose Troopmaster Software for your data management?

Data Tracking

This is what you need the most and the reason you're purchasing software in the first place. Scout units have a large amount of data that needs to be organized in order for the unit to operate efficiently. Our software allows for just that. An easy, intuitive way to track your unit's information. Troopmaster Software has you covered!

Membership Details
Medical/Health Forms
Sea Scout
Merit Badges
National Outdoor Awards
NOVA Awards
Special Awards
Member Photos
Activities (including Attendance)
Activity Registrations (including RSVP and Paypal payments)
Fundraisers (including sales and payments)
Merit Badge Counselors
Points of Contact
Order of Arrow
Duty to God
Unit Finances (including individual member accounts)
Unit and Member Documents
Much more!

  • Advancement Rules Checking. Our software knows the BSA advancement rules used by scouts. This feature can be extremely helpful in tracking your scouts' advancement to help prevent errors in data entry. If we see an entry that does not meet the advancement requirements, we bring this to your attention to avoid a potential issue later on. This can be especially important for the upper-level scouts working toward the Eagle rank. Learn more!

  • No More Invalid Eagle Applications. Many times, scouts applying for the rank of Eagle have not properly completed the advancement requirements and can have their Eagle application rejected by BSA. Knowing your advancement records are correct can help to prevent this and can even help prevent a scout from missing his chance to complete the Eagle rank before he turns 18. The last thing any scout (or leader) wants to see is a young man work so hard to achieve this goal only to find out that there was an issue earlier on with how their requirements were credited.

  • Requirement Monitoring/Automatic Credit (a HUGE time saver). To further save you time and ensure accuracy, our software has been designed to monitor specific activities and other items in your database to automatically credit advancement requirements when they are complete. These include items such as the Participation requirement, Position of Responsibility, Service Project Hours, World Conservation Award, and more! Since the system monitors these items automatically, you don't need to spend time scanning your scouts' records to see when these requirements have been completed. This attention to detail enables the program to help save you countless hours when working with your records. Learn more!

  • Automatic Merit Badge Placement. Working along side of our rules checking, auto badge placement helps take the guesswork out of placing Merit Badges or Cub Scout Adventures for your scouts. We know these rules can be complicated and are misunderstood by many units so we have designed the program to automatically place these in the scout's record to his best possible advantage. Not only does this save you time with data entry, it also ensures that the scout will be ready for rank promotion at the earliest time possible. You simply enter your badges into the system and the software does the rest. Learn more!

  • Partial Merit Badge Tracking. Track Merit Badges in progress as your scouts are working on them. With our new 'predictive' requirement completion algorithm, you can now easily see a list of remaining requirements for badges your scouts are working toward. Our new system now monitors individiual merit badge requirements. When specific requirements are optional (e.g., do two of requirements a-f), the program now knows when this has been completed and will automatically remove the other requirements from the list of requirements remaining once the scout has fulfilled the necessary portions. For badges with multiple options such as Animal Science or Rifle Shooting, our predictive routine automatically determines the best path for completion based on which option(s) the scout has chosen to start.

  • Data Entry Logging. TroopMaster Web now includes a full log for every data item that is added or changed in your database. Easily see exactly who has added or changed individual advancement requirements or other data items in the system.

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Detailed Reports

You really can't underestimate the value of this portion of the program. After all, entering your data is one thing, but if you can't get that data back out of the system in a concise and useful format, it's really not that beneficial to the unit. We have done extensive work on the reporting capabilies of our software to meet this goal. All of our reports are available in Adobe PDF format to maximize compatibility and portability if you need to send reports to other leaders or take them to a different machine before printing.

No 'canned' reports with our software. Custom reports with data analysis provide very detailed feedback for your leaders and scouts. Simply put, good reports help save you time, make your job easier, and help keep your scouts more informed/motivated. We pride ourselves on having the best reports in the business. Here are just a few examples of over 120 reports available to you in the program.

Individual History Report

Comprehensive overview of a scout's advancement record containing everything from Scout through Eagle and even the Eagle Palms for scouts who continue working beyond this level. Details for all advancement requirements show exactly what has been completed and what is remaining for each rank. Summary information such as Total Camping Nights, Service Project Hours, and Hiking Miles are also included. Special Awards, Training Courses, Order of Arrow, and Leadership History can also be included. Complete customization options allow you to easily include just the data you need.

Individual Progress Report

Very detailed listing of progress toward a scout's next rank. This report shows exactly what has been completed and what still remains. It also includes very specific details on requirements such as '3.5 Service Project Hours Remaining' or '71 more days toward their Position of Responsibility'. For scouts working on Star through Eagle, it can even show a detailed list of which specific merit badges requirements are still remaining for that rank. By having a clear "road map", your scouts can see exactly what still needs to be completed for their rank and helps them to advance in a more timely manner.

Leader Training Status Details

As BSA has become increasingly focused on leader training, we have added a new report to the system to make tracking trained leaders simpler than ever. Our Leader Training Status Details report shows you a complete listing of your registered leaders and their current training status. A matrix of courses will show you exactly when they have taken the courses required for their specific leadership position. Missing or expired courses can be quickly viewed making it quick and easy and simple to help keep everyone's training up to date. Current training status is also visible on the Adult Management list so you can see this whenever you are working with your leaders in the system.

Many more reports available!

With over 120 reports available, you can view your data in a variety of formats to meet your needs. On the 'samples' page, click any of the report thumbnails to view a full PDF version of the report.

Take a look at our reports!

Saves You Time

When you work with your unit data, your management software should help save you time, not slow you down. Many features in our software are specifically designed to help save you time with your data entry.

  • Data Import. One of the biggest tasks you have in getting started with a new system is the initial data entry on all of your members. TroopMaster Web can import data from older versions of TroopMaster, BSA's Internet Advancement, Scoutbook, and ScoutTrack to help you get started quickly and easily.

  • Advancement Rules Checking. With built-in rules checking, managing your unit data takes less time since you know the system is helping validate your entries to keep everything on track. Learn more!

  • Auto-Credit (HUGE time saver) . Advancement monitoring and auto-credit saves hours of time by helping manage you data entry as we see specific requirements have been completed. Auto-credit not only saves time over manually monitoring and crediting these yourself, it also helps with data accuracy by avoiding errors that can occur when handling this manually. Learn more!

  • Group Credit. When a group of scouts have been working on the same awards or advancement requirements, enter these details using our Group Credit option to save time instead of manually crediting these for your members one at a time.

  • Merit Badge Blue Cards. If you've ever filled out Merit Badge Blue Cards by hand, you know how much time this can take (especially at Summer Camp time). Our Merit Badge Blue Cards report takes care of this for you. Even for a smaller unit this can save a lot of time and is just one more way we help make managing your unit more enjoyable with less work. View PDF sample.

  • Court of Honor Award Cards. Similar to our Blue Cards report, you can quickly and easily print Award Cards for your next Court of Honor or awards ceremony. View PDF sample.

  • Auto-Send Award Data to Your Council.. Automatically submit data to Internet Advancement without the need to manually perform an export/import process.

  • Unit Elections. After you hold unit elections, easily update leadership positions for all of your members at once from a single screen.

  • Promote to Next Grade. Once a year, as your scouts move to the next grade, update this for all members in the unit using this convenient option.

  • Member Linking. Many times adults with your unit may be entered as Parents, Adult Leaders, Merit Badge Counselors, or Points of Contact. Having these members linked together internally avoids the need for duplicate data entry if a phone number, email address, or other common data field has changed and needs to be updated. Updating this field for any member automatically updates for all members/households that are linked.

  • Recurring Activities. Activities that occur on a regular basis (such as weekly unit meetings) are easy to add using our Recurring Activities function.

  • Website and Mobile Access. Being able to look up your records and make changes to the system from anywhere makes it incredibly quick and convenient to manage your unit database.

  • Multi-User Access. Using our web interface and mobile option allows all members of your unit to stay connected. Allowing multiple leaders/members to help maintain the database helps spread the workload so you don't have to handle database management all on your own.

  • Percent Complete Indicator. Ranks, Partial Merit Badges, National Outdoor, and NOVA Awards now display a Percent Complete for each badge to make it quick and easy to see where your members stand toward completion without having to look at the individual requirements for each rank/award. This overview makes it easy to find scouts who are close to advancing to help keep them on track toward completion.

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Customizable Website

  • Custom Website where the public can find out more about your unit if they're interested in joining.

  • Fully Responsive Site works with devices of all sizes.

  • Password protect specific pages so only authorized members have access.

Mobile App

TroopMaster Mobile and PackMaster Mobile now make it easier than ever to keep up to date and maintain your unit records from anywhere.

  • Compatible with Android, iOS/Apple, and Windows Phone devices.

  • No internet connection necessary. Our mobile app allows you to take your data with you wherever you go, not just when you're connected to the internet. Whether you need access to emergency/medical information or you're simply crediting activity attendance or advancement details, you can access and work with your database even when you're not connected to the internet. A connection is only necessary when syncing your data but you have access to your important information any time, regardless of your connectivity.

Email, Messaging, Weekly Newsletter, and more!

Keeping in touch with your members is an important part of managing your unit. Our email, text messaging, and other options help you stay in contact with your members to help better manage your unit.

  • Email and Texting is simple and easy using the program and through our mobile app.

  • Group Email Forwarding. Create an Email Member Group and easily stay in touch with the entire group by sending a single email to an address such as leaders.mytroop@troopmaster.email or patrol.mytroop@troopmaster.email.

  • Susbscribe to Unit Calendar from your Gmail (or other) calender to see unit events listed with your regular calendar schedule.

  • Customizable Website. Post upcoming events and other important information to keep your unit members informed and up to date.

  • Scheduled Emails. Schedule email reminders to be sent out at a later date. Perfect for last minute reminders or to include details for upcoming events.

  • Weekly Newsletter. Including details for upcoming events helps keep everyone in your unit up to date with what's coming up.

View our Demo Videos!

Unit Finances

Our TroopLedger and PackLedger programs help track all of your unit's finances, including individual passbook accounts to manage your individual scout/adult accounts in the system.

  • Full Finance Tracking. Not just a simple checkbook register, but a full double-entry accounting system to track your unit finances.

  • Track Checking, Savings, Income, Expenses, Reserve Accounts, Unit Equipment, Assets, Dues, Activity Pre-payments, and more!

  • Detailed reports help your unit and members easily track finance details in the system.

  • Easily transfer your member data from TroopMaster or PackMaster so you don't need to re-enter data you already have in the other system.

Data security is a major consideration when choosing a platform to manage your unit database. In today's world, data security and privacy are very import. We understand the needs for keeping your information secure and provide a number of different methods to protect your unit data. We also help protect you from any data loss by offering several different ways to backup and maintain your valuable data.

  • Latest security standards ensure that your data will not be compromised. All data transfers are fully encrypted to maintain security and data integrity.

  • Dedicated Servers behind our own firewall and load balancer. Not a shared, multi-tenant network. Our servers are used solely by us and for the use of our software.

  • Data Isolation! TroopMaster Web provides each unit unit with it's own, separate database to store your records. Other systems may store data from all scouting units within a single, shared database which can allow other units to access your scouts and adults. By keeping database files separate for each unit, we ensure that no-one will have access to any of your members unless you have given them access with a User ID/Password to login to your files. This also includes the transfer of scouts to another unit. You can choose to transfer members to another unit by creating a transfer file but other units can never access your members unless you specifically give them this file to initiate the transfer.

  • Use passwords to restrict access to your files and prevent any unauthorized users from being able to edit or even view your database without permission.

  • Full Control of User Login and Access. Most platforms specify what your members can access based on restrictions they have decided ahead of time. Our system allows you to completely customize access levels for your members including which specific areas of the database they are allowed to access, which scouts or adults they can view, and what they are allowed to update (or, choose make them read-only).

  • Ability to hide sensitive data fields from other leaders/members to protect access to these fields to help prevent identity theft.

  • Database Backups. Full automatic backup functionality allows for quick recovery of your important data in the event of data corruption or to undo changes that may have been improperly added by your leaders. Individual unit database files can be restored to any point within the last 30 days.

  • Your files are important and we take data security very seriously to make sure you're protected and that your data is only accessible by authorized members of your unit.

Customer Service and Support

Customer support is every bit as important as the physical software and should be a major consideration when choosing a platform to manage your unit database. We have a full-time support staff ready to assist not only for you, but any member of you unit who has questions or would like help using the system.

  • U.S. Based Support. With far too many companies outsourcing support to other countries, our entire support staff is located right here in the United States (central Virginia to be more specific). We're here to help with any questions or issues that might arise when using our software.

  • Phone. While many support questions can easily be handled via email, we are also here for you to contact by phone. This can be particularly helpful for more complicated issues or for those who simply feel more comfortable talking to a real, live person. Have a question? Give us a call anytime Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST at (434) 589-6788.

  • Email. Most of our support is handled through email allowing you to submit questions any time (day or night). We strive to answer all support requests on the same business day or (at the latest) by the following business day. Have a question? Click here to contact us.

  • After Hours. For units needing support by phone outside of our regular office hours, we can also arrange for after-hours appointments as well. Need support outside or our regular hours? Give us a call to arrange for an appointment.

Again, thank you for your interest in our software. This list is just a highlight of some of the features that set us apart from the rest. Now you can see why Troopmaster Software is trusted by more troops and packs than all other scouting software companies combined. We hope that you will also make the choice to join or family of scouters as well.

*NOTE: 90-day guarantee applies to new desktop software purchases only. Services, such as Troopmaster Web or PackMaster Web, are not included. If you are interested in these services, we offer a free 30-day trial as well as month-to-month options you can choose to try the software before committing to a longer term agreement. Click here for more information.